Our Philosophy

Providing human capital resources for international market is an enduring collaborative exercise. From cultural diversity to achieving the objective from primary to tertiary levels, we ensure that the required priorities are accomplished.

Affiliated to more than 7 vocational and polytechnic institutes and colleges in Nepal, Tenduli International has a very competitive outreach into the talent pool available in Nepal. Working in close association and consultation with experts in the technical aspects of various commercial and industrial segments, understanding the prospects from the perspective of both the client and the candidate is imperative.

For contingent or permanent staffing, from categorical workforce to a diverse spectrum of experience, Nepal is hub of manpower resources. We have the experience of recruiting and training personnel for the following sectors:

Nursing, Medical & Personal Care
Airlines & Marine/Ship Crew
Technology – Software & Hardware
Sales & Service

Pre-emptive approach is necessary to cater to the ever changing landscape of the global manpower market. Unlike earlier trends of recruitment, our minimum education criteria for any category of personnel or applicant is School Leaving Certificate (SLC) graduate, equivalent to Grade/Class 10. This is not a restrictive procedure but rather an enhancement towards gaining candidates that are globally and culturally sensitive with adaptive inter-personal skills. Experienced and skilled workmanship are continually retained through our Rehabilitation Program to enhance their existing skills.

Tenduli International is in the process of completing a Training Centre by 2017, over a 5 acres of land, to develop opportunities for local incumbents and candidates.