Why Nepal? Economic constraints and limited opportunity for growth has created a unique, but viable situation – exodus of the working class. Historically, Nepalese manpower has always been outsourced owing to the drafting of the Gurkhas in the British and Indian Army. Upon retirement, these ex-servicemen sought opportunities abroad with their level of skills acquired and a remuneration package that could only be compensated by foreign employment.

Over the years and generations, the same principle has persisted for all ex-army men and for those not in the army, it has translated into similar aspirations. This has created a talent pool with prior foreign employment and global cultural experience and aspiring youth ready to make their mark.

Tenduli International, realizing global workforce demand, is intent on aligning the perspectives of both our clients and recruits and making it the ideal situation for growth and success.

Right personnel for the right situation.

Why Choose Us?

Approved by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labour under license number 304/059/060.

Commitment to both domestic and international labour laws, with ethical recruitment processes. Candidates are trained on preliminary language courses and are also advised and consulted on cultural diversity, rules and regulations of their destination.

12 years of innovative manpower solutions with human capital supply of more than 8,000 contingent and permanent staffing.

Consolidated regional and international manpower market experience in Middle-East, South-East Asia, Korea and Japan and across a spectrum of civil, industrial and commercial sector.

Global demand for workforce, skilled or unskilled, has created a need for diligent selection processes. Compliance to international work standards and ethical practices, with viable economic objectives is our utmost priority and agenda. Internal systems and processes, through extensive trials, have been created to generate a sustainable supply of manpower to accomplish immediate and stringent demands.

Affiliated to more than 7 vocational and polytechnic institutes and colleges in Nepal, giving us the edge in sourcing the potential talents available in Nepal.

The importance of recycling experienced manpower for international market cannot be denied. Prior experience workforce allows immediate implementation of job with minimal training period and adaptation to culture and climate. Tenduli International, has an extensive database of its manpower supply, where previously recruited candidates are given priority and are offered opportunities for either new jobs or for training and development from unskilled to semi or skilled workmanship.


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